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Para awardee PK-223 Sandu Malole

News | 20-02-2024

PK-223 Highlight Message: Life Becomes More Meaningful When We Can Contribute to Others

Tony Firman

Dok. Panitia PK

"What does it mean for us to live if we do not benefit others? Are we living just to earn a living for our family, for our children, without caring about others? If that happens, then our lives will be at a loss?"

That was the message from the Minister of Social Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia, Tri Rismaharini, during a briefing for 305 awardees who are preparing to continue their studies. These top sons and daughters of the nation are part of the Departure Preparation Batch 223 - Sandu Malole and have completed their PK activities in early February.

Sandu Malole, which means "Beautiful Sound" in the Rote language, encompasses 305 awardees from 30 different provinces who will go on to study at 37 universities in nine countries around the world.

Out of the 305 awardees, 111 are male and 194 are female. A total of 178 individuals will pursue their Master's degree abroad and 83 domestically, while 20 individuals will pursue their Doctorate abroad and 24 domestically.

There are various scholarship programs chosen by the 305 participants according to their interests and backgrounds. The majority are on the Regular Scholarship with 162 individuals, Civil Servants/Military/Police Scholarship with 81 individuals, Welfare Scholarship with 28 individuals, Regional Affirmation Scholarship with 24 individuals, Partial Scholarship and Papua Sons and Daughters Scholarship each with four individuals, and Disability Scholarship with two individuals.

The demographics of these scholarship programs also show the LPDP's inclusive efforts to provide services and opportunities as widely as possible to the nation's best sons and daughters to continue their Master's and Doctorate studies.

On this occasion, a lineup of national figures from executive officials, bureaucracy, business and finance, to academics were present to share experiences, inspirations, and hopes with the PK participants.

Constitutional Law expert from Gadjah Mada University, Zainal Arifin Mochtar, affectionately known as Uceng, took the time to share his experiences, academic perspectives, and the challenges faced by this nation. He also looks forward to the return of these 305 awardees to become agents of improvement for our beloved republic.

Similarly, BRIN's Advisory Board member Tri Mumpuni Wiyanto advised that the knowledge gained during their studies must be brought back to develop the country.

Other inspirational speakers included Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Lecturer from ITB Afriyanti Sumboja, Epidemiologist Dewi Nur Aisyah, and Professional Staff from Lemhanas Dadan Umar Daihani.

LPDP extends its deepest gratitude and appreciation to the speakers and national figures who took the time to attend the PK session amidst their busy schedules. May what they have conveyed always equip the Awardees, both during their studies and when they return to contribute to society.